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Agri-Tech Investment Showcase invites applications

The UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has opened applications for the third year of its Agri-Tech investment training and showcase event.

Supported by Farm491 – the agtech incubator set up by the Royal Agricultural University – and experienced agtech investors Rabobank, the programme offers agtech start-ups the opportunity to present an investment pitch to an audience of dedicated agtech investors.

A complimentary – but voluntary – programme of pitch training is also on offer, and successful companies will each be paired with a KTN Agri-Food Mentor, to help prepare a business plan and hone their pitch.

The final, on 14th October, will coincide with the World Agri-Tech Summit, amplifying the opportunity for the selected companies to show themselves on the world’s agtech stage.

Check out this video from the 2018 programme, for a flavour of the event and inspiration to take part in the 2019 event.

Over 70% of the companies who took part in last year’s programme said the event not only  raised their profile, but also improved their investor readiness. Five companies set up collaborations having met through the training cohort, while two succeeded in attracting additional funding through Innovate UK.

“The programme allowed us to focus on AgTech specific funding opportunities and understand their motivations.” Small Robot Company

“The KTN Agritech showcase was a great event for Stable. We received a great deal of support to perfect our pitch, which paid real dividends on the day as 9 investors contacted us immediately after the event.”

Richard Counsell, CEO, Stable

“Great opportunity to pitch to targeted investors who understand the space you’re working in. KTN did a really good job of getting everyone pitch-ready as well, significant improvements made over course of the training!”  Beta Bugs

“The KTN Agri-Tech program was extremely valuable for us. It is a great channel for connecting with prominent individuals and organisations within the Agri-Tech space, and the KTN mentoring support helped us make the most of the opportunity.” Entomics Biosystems

Interested? Complete the application form by 12:00 on Thursday 6th June. For more information, see the KTN announcement.



Keeping ahead of Covid-19

April, 2020 - It's an understatement to say we're living through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has created an unsettling and worrying situation for individuals, communities, business and the whole of society. The number of people affected by Covid-19, whether through infection or losing loved ones, continues to increase daily and our sympathies lie with you all. At Agro Mavens, we remain open for business; indeed, many of our clients have specifically asked us to 'Keep Calm and Carry on Working...for Us'. As a small business, we're incredibly grateful for your support at this time. We also remain open for new business; please call or email us to discuss your needs.