Focused on perception and communication, and grounded in knowledge and fact, Agro Mavens builds a strategy and creates a story that we help our clients to tell and share.

Our targets? Farmers, their advisers, their influencers. Shareholders and stakeholders. Consumers.

Our stories reach audiences where they’ll generate interest, capture attention and deliver value. And although we’re based in the UK, we build and share our stories wherever in the world they’re needed.

We’re proud of our inside-out knowledge of global agriculture. Technically astute, culturally aware and geographically diverse, we help you build your story and share it with an audience who’ll understand it.

With an international network, and experience on six continents over the last 20 years, we work with clients around the world… to build agricultural communications programmes.

Take a tour of our site to see the variety of services in which we excel – from our main specialities of agricultural communications strategy, public relations and knowledge marketing, to agricultural journalism, agricultural film & TV consultancy, and research – and the clients with whom we already work.