A selection of thoughts, observations and writings, taken from our day-to-day work and activities.

GFIA 2018: our top five

More than 200 companies exhibited at GFIA 2018 in Abu Dhabi. Here's the top five that caught our attention.

Britain, the agtech hub?

In both agriculture and technology, Britain's got talent. The government's right to support investment in agtech.

New Holland bets on methane for future tractors

Methane power holds out the promise of a future ‘energy independent’ farm: a farm that produces not only food, but also the biomass it needs to generate the energy needed for its operations.

India’s first electric tractor – Farming Today

Escorts International, India’s fourth-largest tractor manufacturer, unveiled its first electric tractor in September 2017. Rated at 25hp, and offering six hours’ usage from a single charge, it will go into …

A new website for Agro Mavens

We’re upgrading. A bigger, better, bolder website, that more adequately describes who we are and what we do.

Turkish delight: opportunities for UK agri-supply

Sitting at the gateway to Asia, it’s the world’s seventh biggest agricultural producer, the fourth-biggest tractor market and the exporter of nearly 2,000 agricultural products to 190 countries worldwide.

Sep 2017: A DIT passage to India

An invitation from the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) to the Agritex event in Hyderabad, India, in September 2017, was too good to refuse.

May 2017: Agtech big in Japan

Ag/Sum, organised by Nikkei Inc, focused on agritech and how disruptive technology will play a growing role in agriculture, in Japan and beyond.