A maven...

...gathers knowledge, assimilates information, and asks questions. He possesses a natural enthusiasm for his subject and has an instinctive curiosity for investigation. He enjoys an extensive network, through which he not only gains knowledge but propagates it too.

Not just agricultural communications...but Knowledge Marketing

Agro Mavens provides international marketing and communications support to agriculturally active brands, increasing their visibility and changing the way they’re perceived by their customers.

Agriculture and agtech is our speciality, agricultural communications and public relations our forté.

We work with clients to identify and develop opportunities, maximising their potential.

Our communications strategies create credible narratives that support and grow your brand, using compelling product stories based on knowledge and fact.



Our ‘database’ of agricultural knowledge and information allows us to bring analysis, insight and understanding to clients’ messaging, applying it to their target markets and audiences.

AgroMavens marketing proposal

Marketing & PR

When we work for a client, we put ourselves in your shoes. We view the world through your eyes. We help you become an expert in your own marketplace, and a leader in your market.


The Power of Words

Engage a scientist. Convince a farmer. Assure an investor. Agro Mavens conveys the right message to the right audience. Our writing is fluent, compelling and persuasive.

Agriculture knowledge and research


Whatever the agricultural topic on which you need to focus, we find out all there is to know – whether it’s a market, a product, a service, an attitude, a trend, a country, or anything else.