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Agro Mavens provides a range of copywriting services to meet the needs of the agricultural industry.

Agricultural copywriting. From subject matter experts.

Agricultural copywriting specialists for all aspects of farming

There are copywriters. There are agricultural copywriters. And then there’s Agro Mavens, with our astute, affordable agricultural copywriting service.

Agricultural subject matter experts and true agricultural copywriters, we’re not generalists.

Put your agricultural copywriting in our hands and we’ll deliver results that will inform and engage your audiences.

When it comes to farming matters, we know our onions. You’ll see it in our writing. For advertising copy, marketing materials, technical brochures, customer collateral, white papers, website content, blogs or product copy, if it involves agricultural content then we’re best placed to deliver it.

Your content literally (that’s used intentionally, not casually) says words about you. People will judge you, or your company, on the basis of what they read.

If the message is unclear, poorly worded or clumsily written, your readers may have cause to doubt your company’s expertise and understanding.

Use an agricultural copywriting specialist, not a generalist

Entrusting a copywriter who’s not an agricultural subject matter expert can leave your copy reading like it’s been written at arm’s length.

That’s often how you’ll find copy written by a generalist writer. On the surface, it’s a good read: lively, tightly written and holding the reader’s interest. Top marks.

But the smallest slip-up gives it away. Perhaps an agricultural term used in the wrong context. A reference misapplied. Suddenly the copy’s not looking so strong. B minus.

Competent copy for agriculture

Agriculturally competent copy is our strength.

At Agro Mavens, we don’t subscribe to the view that ‘technically accurate’ and ‘easy to read’ are mutually exclusive. Agriculturally competent copy need not be void of personality. Engaging copy doesn’t need to shy away from technicalities and science.

Words are powerful. The appeal of good copywriting, regardless of subject matter, lies in selecting a combination of words with the power to convey the necessary tone, depth, perspective and understanding of the subject.

It’s our job to do that. For you.

We find that combination that best serves your [agricultural] subject, [agricultural] audience and [agricultural] objectives.

Why Agro Mavens?

We love writing, but agriculture is what we live and breathe.

That means we care not just about how we’ve strung together our words, exercised an appropriate tone of voice, made flawless use of the gerund or implemented correctly the pluperfect tense. Important these are, granted; but to us an equally crucial aspect is the subject matter itself.

We’ve worked in this industry for more than 20 years. We read books about agriculture, for fun. We’re agricultural geeks who can write. So letting us loose on your agricultural copywriting is a good bet.

Rough estimates would suggest we’ve written more than a million carefully crafted words about crops, herbicides, animal health, livestock husbandry, dairying, sheep production, farm machinery, soil health, biopesticides, agritech, precision farming, big data, green issues, finance, fertilisers and many, many more topics.

What’s your agricultural copywriting need?

Either we’ve already written about it, or we’ll look forward to writing about it.

We’ll write your agricultural copy professionally, with gusto, enthusiasm and insight, fuelled by a constant supply of tea to ensure we stay creative and meet your deadline.

We’re flexible in the way we work:

  • We can work with you in a direct relationship for any kind of agricultural copywriting.
  • We’ll work alongside your existing agency, to assist them with agricultural content or familiarise them with the industry.
  • If you are an agency and you’re looking for an agricultural copywriter and content specialist, we’d love to hear from you.
  • We’re happy to sub-contract an agricultural copywriter to your team as your agricultural copywriting specialist, farming adviser, content manager, ag guru, or whatever other term you and we feel comfortable with.
  • Need our skills as part of a pitch team? Get in touch and let’s talk.

Agro Mavens specialist agricultural copywriting services can help your brand to speak:

  • with confidence to an agricultural audience;

  • with authority on an agricultural topic.

To find out more, fill out the form below or give us a call on +44 20 3637 6636.

We’ll look forward to meeting your requirements.