Accuracy is important

Our agricultural storyline advice brings farming scenes to life throughout a production, with precision and accuracy.

Agricultural storyline advice. Because accuracy is important.

Agro Mavens’ agricultural knowledge doesn’t just help brands reach farmers and their advisers.

Our farming know-how is valued in other ways. We work with producers and writers in film, TV, digital, video, radio, stage and commercial productions, drama and factual, to provide agricultural storyline advice, content and consultancy.

If you are…

…producing a film or TV series with agricultural scenes, settings or locations,

…writing a script – period or contemporary – with agricultural content,

or seeking accuracy in any other screen or stage depiction of agriculture, farming and rural life…

Agro Mavens provides full-service, in-depth consultancy to ensure that your production is accurate in all respects.

Today’s audiences are knowledgeable and discerning. Whether in film, TV or radio, they expect an accurate depiction. So, much like historical advisers in period productions, Agro Mavens can make you confident in your portrayal of agricultural events, procedures, props, jargon and audience understanding.

Ask for agricultural storyline advice at an early stage

By working with you from the pre-production stage, we can help ensure that when your characters talk about farming, they sound like they know their onions – using correct, appropriate agricultural terminology.

We can also help prevent on-screen anachronisms: don’t get caught out driving an FE35 tractor in a scene set in 1952, harvesting a field of Skyfall wheat during a Great War drama, or milking Holsteins in Victorian England.

We offer a ‘script doctor’ service for plots or storylines that need agricultural knowledge, jargon or context, and can visit sets to coach cast and extras, and advise crews.

We can also help identify and assess locations.

After more information about our agricultural storyline advice services? View the mini-site, where you’ll find a full list of the services we can provide.

Recent advisories

Cider with Rosie

Agricultural storyline accuracy from Agro Mavens

‘Cider With Rosie’ producers consulted Agro Mavens for agricultural storyline accuracy

Produced in 2014 and screened in 2015, the BBC remake of the classic Laurie Lee novel, ‘Cider with Rosie’ was extremely well received by critics and audiences alike.

Filmed on location in Gloucestershire, close to Laurie Lee’s birthplace and former home of Slad, the haymaking scenes were shot with advice and guidance from Adrian.


Close to the Enemy

agricultural storyline accuracy

From writer Stephen Poliakoff, this post-war drama had one crucial scene – in a field of maize – requiring agricultural storyline accuracy.

Little Island Productions approached Adrian Bell during 2015, for accuracy within a crucial scene in this thriller. Set in London in the aftermath of the Second World War, the plot centres on the friendship between a British intelligence officer and a captured German scientist.

Agro Mavens’ agricultural storyline advice was sought for a scene, featuring a crop of maize, in which the characters needed to hide.

As subsequent correspondence (below) in The Spectator showed, audiences are observant and critical – but Agro Mavens’ advice was watertight!

For accurate agricultural storyline advice

Planning a production that includes agricultural or rural content? Want us to look over a script? Need some advice on historical crops or machinery?

Check out our services or contact Adrian Bell with a brief outline of your project. We’ll be delighted to help.

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