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A new website for Agro Mavens

Every website’s a shopfront for the business behind it. It’s an insight into the company and its services. It makes a showcase for its skills and abilities. As a channel for its overall character, its ethos, it becomes a valuable business asset.

That’s why we’re overhauling the Agro Mavens site over the next few weeks, and will be adding to it further throughout 2018. From the basic one-page-plus-contact-details that we started with in 2016, we’re upgrading. It’s getting bigger, better, bolder. Bigger, with more content; better, with improved navigation and layout; bolder, with a regular blog in which we’ll be sharing our discoveries, our thinking, our writing. With the new website, we’ll better demonstrate the depth and breadth of our work as an agricultural communications specialist. We want to feature some of our work and provide a better understanding of what we bring to agricultural communications for our existing clients, and how Agro Mavens might bring value to potential clients.

We’ve had a website since the company began in 2016, but until now it’s shown only a taste of our agricultural communications services, skills and abilities. There’s an irony there that’s well-known in business circles: the ‘cobbler’s children syndrome’. Like the proverbial children of the cobbler, or shoemaker, who go without shoes because their father’s too busy dealing with his customers’ footwear, businesses who are adept at using their skills – in our case, as an agricultural communications specialist – to guide others in their strategies don’t always manage to practise what they preach!

We also get involved in, and support, a number of other activities outside Agro Mavens. There’s the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, the Worshipful Company of Farmers, and the Joe Watson Legacy Fund, to name a few. They’re all worthy causes with which we’re proud to be associated. We’ll be adding new pages and posts accordingly.

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Keeping ahead of Covid-19

April, 2020 - It's an understatement to say we're living through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has created an unsettling and worrying situation for individuals, communities, business and the whole of society. The number of people affected by Covid-19, whether through infection or losing loved ones, continues to increase daily and our sympathies lie with you all. At Agro Mavens, we remain open for business; indeed, many of our clients have specifically asked us to 'Keep Calm and Carry on Working...for Us'. As a small business, we're incredibly grateful for your support at this time. We also remain open for new business; please call or email us to discuss your needs.