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This client asked for something we hadn’t done before…

…but we said yes, and we now have a new service to offer all clients.

Agricultural PR Writer of the Year

Adrian Bell, founder of Agro Mavens, is the 2021 Agricultural PR Writer of the Year.

Hacking the food supply?

Digital farms are a target for hackers, as farmers urged to improve farm cyber security Sooner or later, it was going to happen. Britain’s national security agency has finally issued …

Why Blade Runner provides a lesson for agritech adoption…

Technology futures are uncertain. Agritech adoption will not happen quickly. How can farmers best use technology to shake up their farm?

Sep 2019: A trip to Planet Livestock

A visit to SPACE - the annual French livestock extravaganza - suggests no other nation handles agricultural shows with quite the same aplomb.

When is a Versum not a Versum?

Agricultural trademarking isn't simple.

Agro Mavens named in UK Investment Support Directory

Agricultural marketing and communications strategist Agro Mavens features in the Department for International Trade’s new UK Investment Support Directory.

Get ready for AgPRelude

AgPRelude, our new programme for agtech entrepreneurs and start-ups, launches soon.

Check your start-up for PR-readiness

As a start-up, how are you shaping up? Are you ready to call on a dedicated agritech marketing agency? Our checklist might help...

AgriTech Centres: are we hiding our light under a bushel?

An invitation to the UK Agritech Centres' Open Day left me suffering communications frustration...

Keeping ahead of Covid-19

April, 2020 - It's an understatement to say we're living through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has created an unsettling and worrying situation for individuals, communities, business and the whole of society. The number of people affected by Covid-19, whether through infection or losing loved ones, continues to increase daily and our sympathies lie with you all. At Agro Mavens, we remain open for business; indeed, many of our clients have specifically asked us to 'Keep Calm and Carry on Working...for Us'. As a small business, we're incredibly grateful for your support at this time. We also remain open for new business; please call or email us to discuss your needs.