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This client asked for something we hadn’t done before…

The initial approach was simple: a potential client, needing someone well-versed in agriculture, with the ability to research and write the script for eight episodes of a new digital talkshow exploring agricultural trends from a global perspective.

Having found the Agro Mavens website via Google, they liked what they saw. They thought our services – our exclusive focus on agriculture, previous experience with script writing, and extensive global network – would be perfectly suited to their current project – a key element within an ambitious communications strategy. A proposal was prepared, agreed – and work commenced on identifying and researching the foremost agricultural trends to feature in the series.

Then the query: “Would you mind presenting it, too?”

Well, at Agro Mavens we never like to let down a client when they make a request. We always try to say yes. And then make a success of it.

But nearly 25 years of marcomms experience for founder Adrian Bell hadn’t ever included hosting a TV programme. Until now.

Here’s the result:

Live-streamed on November 16th, 2021, the first episode of BKT Tires ‘Global Trends’ focused on agricultural technology and smart farming. The forty-minute show sees Adrian introduce the subject and explains its significance, before chatting with studio and remote guests: Simone Scarabel, Amy Wu, Ömer Kuloğlu and David Rose. 

The BKT Network streams to more than 160 countries and the previous series racked up 2.5m viewers.

Early feedback has been very positive (and complimentary for Adrian’s presenting debut!). The other seven episodes will be broadcast monthly until June, aiming to raise awareness and understanding of the ‘big ticket’ agricultural trends that are shaping and influencing agriculture as we move through the 21st century. Further topics include soil health, women in agriculture, the generation shift, water use, organic farming, climate change and marketing.

All the episodes can be viewed on the BKT Network.



Keeping ahead of Covid-19

April, 2020 - It's an understatement to say we're living through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has created an unsettling and worrying situation for individuals, communities, business and the whole of society. The number of people affected by Covid-19, whether through infection or losing loved ones, continues to increase daily and our sympathies lie with you all. At Agro Mavens, we remain open for business; indeed, many of our clients have specifically asked us to 'Keep Calm and Carry on Working...for Us'. As a small business, we're incredibly grateful for your support at this time. We also remain open for new business; please call or email us to discuss your needs.